Using Tote Bags to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Bag branding is a great way to spread awareness of your company. People use tote bags often, using them as shopping bags, convenient carry-alls, and more. What better marketing strategy than the walking advertising that a tote bag offers? It’s a great way to increase brand awareness! Branded totes are certainly something to consider in your marketing strategy.

Why Bag Branding Works

Bag branding is effective as brand awareness for several reasons:

Low Cost

Conventional marketing like radio and TV ads or print advertising are often expensive. By comparison, bag branding is incredibly low cost. Branded tote bags are also a once-off cost that provides repeated advertising. As the owner carries it around with them, more people will see it. You can also sell the tote bag or give it away as a promotional item.

Staying Power

Bag branding is a marketing strategy that packs a punch. Branded tote bags are visual, functional, and portable. The tote bag will provide daily convenience for their owner, as well. This, while spreading brand awareness in the owner’s community.

Tote Bag

Bag Branding is an effective means of getting your name out there. They’re cheap, plentiful, and useful items. You should strongly consider them for your next branding event.

Keep in mind, people are also less likely to throw out a promotional item that is useful. These bags offer so many uses. For example, you can use them as reusable grocery bags or a bags to carry a lot of small items.

High Retention

Wearable accessories are often successful in raising business awareness. This is because they appeal to human nature. People are constantly looking at what other people are wearing or carrying. Human beings value a good look; and for this reason, branded tote bags are highly useful.

Tips for Giving out Branded Bags

Choosing the right time and place to give out a branded tote bag will have a huge impact on your business. When using physical promotional items, people will remember receiving them. This is especially true when made as a part of a remarkable experience.

Try to create a memorable moment when giving out your branded bags. You’ll create a positive experience for the consumer while optimising your brand awareness. Here are some ideas for notable experience for the recipients of your branded tote bag:

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In-Store Events

Rewarding customers for supporting your brand in store generates excitement amongst your clientele. Giving a tote bag as a reward for loyalty can generate excitement. In turn, this contributes to positive brand awareness.

Employee Welcome Package

Bag branding doesn’t necessarily have to target consumers only. Use tote bags filled with “first day essentials” as part of an employee welcome package. Employees have the best potential to spread a positive message about your business. These items will make them feel more enthusiastic about their employer.

Retail Shopping

Retail settings are arguably the most logical place to make use of bag branding. You can sell branded bags to or placed them in stores as eco-friendly shopping bags.

Try changing it up from time to time with new designs and themes. This will keep customers reaching for your branded tote bag. As a result, its effectiveness increases greatly as a brand awareness tool.

Charity Events

Being associated with charity and good causes is great for your brand awareness. Try giving these bags to charities to use as part of a fundraiser. This will give recipients a positive impression of your business.

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