Tips to Consider for Corporate Gifts

A corporate gift selection is a necessity for any company. It could be a gift for a potential client or a thank you gift to the employees. You can also send them to to existing clients, customers, managers, and vendors, to name but a few. Corporate gifting is a great way to create a good impression on the recipient. Additionally, it’s a perfect opportunity to keep your brand front of mind. It’s also an excellent means of boosting your business image.

Put extra effort into finding the perfect corporate gift. This will enhance your business image and can strengthen business relationships. Be aware that giving the wrong gift may have a negative impact on your business image. A bad corporate gift can be unmemorable and end up at the back of the recipient’s cupboard, and never seen again. Even worse, bad corporate gifts can end up being offensive to some.

Corporate gifting can be overwhelming, but with the right tips and tricks you can sail through it. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when corporate gifting to maintain the best image:

Consider Cultural Differences

Familiarise yourself with your gift recipient’s culture. For example, in China, a gift wrapped in white symbolises death. Accidentally offending a corporate gift recipient could be terrible for your business image.

Gift Hamper

Here’s a thought. Why not give your client a gift hamper? This is an especially good idea if you’re not sure what they do or don’t like.

Check Corporate Gifting Policies

Some companies actually have corporate gifting policies. These can pertain to the monetary value or even the types of gifts. Some companies, for example, will not allow any alcoholic gifts. Be sure you are aware of any policies your recipients may have in place for gifts. You’ll want to avoid an embarrassing situation with recipients. It’s no good if they end up returning their corporate gifts!

Get to Know Your Recipients

Knowing what gifts to buy is arguably the biggest challenge of the process. This can be simple enough if you just ask! Get to know what your gift recipients’ hobbies and interests are. Giving a corporate gift that is actually useful can do wonders for your company and its brand.

Wrapped Gift

The client wants to know you care. So, keep their interests in mind when choosing a gift for them. Also, deliver the gift personally, if you can.

Prioritise Quality for a Good Business Image

Gifting speaks volumes about your company. Sending a cheap, low quality gift will reflect badly on your company. Invest in quality products that won’t break your budget.

Deliver Your Corporate Gift Personally

If your gifting list isn’t too big, delivering corporate gifts personally is a great idea. This reflects well on your business image and will keep your company front of mind. Gifting is a wonderful opportunity to connect with clients, vendors and employees. Showing gratitude for those in your business circle reflects well on your brand.

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