Recommended Promotional Items for 2019

Attending a tradeshow or product giveaway? If so, you’ll need an attractive and memorable promotional item line-up for the event! But, what promotional items are sure to attract attention to your business? Additionally, what are the ideal corporate gifts you should offer?

Here, we’ve assembled a quick list of the best product giveaway items and gifts for 2019. They’re useful to consumers, while acting as effective platforms to advertise your business. Read on to find out how you can make your business stand out.

Branded Journals & Pens

Leather journals, and pens, branded with your company logo make for perfect gifts. As a promotional item, they are ideal for tradeshows, conferences, and recruiting events. Prospective clients will be sure to appreciate them as corporate gifts.

To leave a noteworthy impression on recipients, go for an attractive branding method. For example, embroidering these promotional items gives it a professional, neat look. Embossing and de-embossing also lend them an impeccable aesthetic.

Portable Chargers

Not only do chargers provide ample space for branding, they are also useful products. For a product giveaway with items that recipients will actually use, these are ideal. And, your logo and other branding is sure to stand out on these promotional items.

Branded journals, pens, and pencils make for ideal gifts at corporate giveaways and other events.

When travelling, it can be difficult to keep your phone battery charged. But, portable charger promotional items, with your custom-printed logo, practically give themselves away! They offer convenience and easy advertising in a single promotional item.

Clothing is especially effective for advertising. It is effectively a walking advertising, for the cost of a T-shirt, beanie, jacket, or other article of clothing.

Branded Sweets and Snacks

One of the best ways to get someone to remember you is through their stomach. This principle holds true in a product giveaway, as well! Offer some branded snacks to event attendees at your next convention or tradeshow.

Add your logo to the wrappers and labels of favoured snacks, like peanuts and chocolate bars. As promotional items, make sure to keep them small and portable. Recipients will appreciate a promotional item that can tide them over later!

Water Bottles & Drink ware

Here’s another product that’s ideal as corporate gifts or for a product giveaway. It’s an item that recipients can use long after receiving them. They’re also a great way for them to stay hydrated at long tradeshows or other events.

For an extra positive image of your company, go green with the drink ware. Use eco-friendly, recyclable plastic alternatives as a way to increase your brand awareness. As a promotional item, these are both useful and responsible options.

Audio Devices

Bluetooth speakers and other audio products are an excellent choice as promotional items. As electronics, they lend a “premium” feel to those receiving them, especially tech fans! What’s more, as free promotional items, they’ll leave a lasting impression.

Speakers and headphones are also highly useful for travellers. They’ll come in handy for business trips, long days at the hotel, and also flights. With your logo on it, recipients will associate that convenience with your business.

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