AMS – Branded T shirts


For almost 20 years AMS has been successfully printing and selling T shirts, throughout South Africa and Africa. These classic and effective hand-outs remain one of our biggest selling products. A great mobile and practical way to promote your brand! In a fiercely competitive space we have held our own. AMS` printed T shirts are guaranteed for a minimum of 150 washes.

We sell 100% cotton T shirts or cotton and polyester blend fabric T shirts. Blended fabric shirts are more durable, better wearing and keep their shape, wash after wash. They also withstand warm water washes better than 100% cotton shirts would.

The thickness (or fabric weight) of T shirts refers to the density of weave of thread. A 130gsm T shirt for example will have less density to it than say a 220gsm Shirt.
Different ways of T shirt branding include screen printing, digital transfer, dye sublimation and embroidery.

Tips to look for when buying printed T shirts:

T shirts that are too cheap and thin will wear out really fast, if you’re not careful that’ll damage your brand name. Ask your printer what ink they are using, inferior inks will fade fast, crack on stretching and peel off…fast! Don’t iron on the print, turn the garment inside out when ironing.

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