Why AMS is a Leading Marketing Company

Corporate branding is an essential element of today’s business world. Identity is everything, which is why it pays to have the right marketing solutions for you. Authentic Marketing Solutions is a specialist branding company that caters to these needs. As a marketing company, we stand well ahead of the competition.

But what makes us the ideal company for you? How do we continue to meet the expectations of our valued clients? Here, we will break down the various factors that set our company apart. Find out why AMS is your preferred marketing solutions expert!

Extensive Experience in Marketing Solutions

AMS Africa opened its doors in 2001. Since that time, we have become brand curators for major global players. Since beginning operations, we have developed a unique, versatile approach to every project.

As a branding company, we are among the very few able to source just about any product you need. As well as this, we can also provide almost any branding method you may need. Simply put, our team lives and breathes corporate branding.

Corporate Branding Big and Small

As a marketing company, AMS can scale its operations for any client. We also prefer to help whoever we can with their corporate branding needs. So, whether you’re a major multi-national or a small enterprise, we can help you.

Product Tag with "Mock Up"

For your branding needs, AMS Africa is a preferred supplier. We also provide advisory services to help you strategise your marketing campaign.

When travelling, it can be difficult to keep your phone battery charged. But, portable charger promotional items, with your custom-printed logo, practically give themselves away! They offer convenience and easy advertising in a single promotional item.

We also have access to an extensive network of international suppliers. As such, we’re able to source almost any product you may need. And, thanks to bulk sourcing, this means that we can pass big savings on to you.

A Savings-Focused Branding Company

AMS seeks to combine the best marketing solutions with the greatest possible cost-savings. We understand that most businesses want to use their budget effectively. For this, we source high-quality products at excellent prices, and doing so on time.

We do all this throughout the entire project from the idea phase to manufacture and delivery. AMS is a branding company that stands with you every step of the way, helping out wherever we can.

A Pedigree of Excellence

Since its humble beginnings, AMS has garnered an international reputation. Today, we assist in the brand management of several major international enterprises. In that time, we have provided effective corporate branding services with much aplomb.

We represent your company through our products. Thus, we go the extra mile to understand the identity of your business. AMS then reflects this in your brand with superb accuracy. As a marketing company, this is our guarantee.

AMS Africa draws on a wealth of experience to provide you with the very best service. We understand as well as continue to improve within our industry, bringing this service to you.

An SADC Registered Company

AMS Africa operates out of Johannesburg, South Africa. But, our operations aren’t limited to this area. We can provide marketing solutions to almost any location worldwide.

AMS is also an SADC registered company. As such, we are able to gain hefty savings of up to 40% on import duties for other SADC countries. This translates well for our clients!

Effective Consultation

As a well-established branding company, AMS has cultivated a wealth of experience. Through this, we are also able to offer you robust guidance and accurate information.

We understand trends in the market, and how to tap into them effectively. Have a target demographic? AMS knows which corporate branding solution will appeal to them. We also tailor our solutions to meet your budget and specifications.

A Personal Touch

AMS is an owner run business, which operates around sturdy, proven principles. Honesty, ethical operations, and integrity continue to form the core of our vision, values, and mission.

As a marketing company, these are our promises to you. Thus, look to no alternative. For your next branding project, turn to AMS for your needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you!