Choosing Promotional Flash Drives

Promotional items are a great way to gain positive attention for businesses of all sizes. Branded USBs are a great, cost effective way to promote your business. They’re incredibly popular products. As such, there are many companies who can supply a promotional flash drive. Before you make a decision about which supplier you want to use, there are a few things to consider.

Quality of the Branded USB

As these items increase in demand, so do the numbers of poor-quality ones flooding the market. Some branded USBs on offer are not even suitable for data storage. Giving away a low-quality promotional item may be easier on the budget. But, it will likely leave a disappointed, bad taste in your customer’s mouth. Spend a little extra time doing your research. Especially before committing to a supplier of promotional flash drives.

Find out about the quality of the memory chip for starters. This way, you ensure that your supplier is not using low speed or old components. Consider the outer hardware, too. A sturdy casing and loop will not only feel of better quality, but will stand the test of time. The longer a customer can make use of their promotional flash drive, the more brand exposure you get.

Flash Drive image

Watch out for low-quality flash drives! Rather go for a version that offers higher data transfer speeds as well as capacity.

Styles of Promotional Flash Drives

There are an immense number of USB styles on the market. From sliding USBs to pens to tiny cards, one can often feel overwhelmed by the choices available. Consider your target market when deciding on a style. For example, if you may primarily market to university students. Thus, a branded USB wristband is a great option to consider, as they can always keep them on hand.

Branded USB Production Time

When choosing a supplier of promotional flash drives, keep supply times in mind. For quicker delivery, consider suppliers with their own manufacturing facilities. Using a third party manufacturer often adds time to an order. A company that makes promotional flash drives will have more control over lead times.

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Preloaded content such as adverts, brochures, as well as multi-media are a great idea. This way you advertise your brand as well as giving the consumer a useful product!

Preloaded Content to a Branded USB

When giving out branded USBs, it’s a great thought to preload some promotional content. This way, you get to advertise your business/product. Branding the outside with your company’s logo is great, but you can take it one step further. You can load anything from product catalogues, brochures, promotional videos and more! Using a file lock can help prevent deletion of files you preload to the promotional flash drive.

Promotional Flash Drive Storage Capacity

USBs have a wide range of storage capacities, anywhere from 64MB to 64GB or more! Generally speaking, the more storage available on a USB, the more it will cost. Consider how much you can afford to spend when deciding on storage capacity. If you intend to preload files into the branded USBs, you should fork out for some extra storage capacity. This will make sure the device is actually useful to its recipient.

Promotional Flash Drive Accessories

Adding accessories to a branded USB can be a great touch to your marketing strategy. Consider including a handy lanyard or interesting packaging. These can add something extra to the gesture of giving out promotional flash drives.

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