AMS South Africa – Why Your Business Should Use Branded Flags and Branded Gazebos

Outdoor branding is a popular marketing tactic. This is largely due to the variety that outdoor branding offers. Outdoor branding can include branded flags and branded gazebos. Using an item such as a branded gazebo is not only eye catching, it can also serve a practical purpose!

At AMS Africa, we are experts in branded advertising. Most especially, we have a keen interest in both gazebo and flag branding. You can use an item like a gazebo or branded flag for advertising many things. This could include a specific product, promotional events, exhibitions, and more! Read on to learn just some of the benefits of using flag and gazebo branding:

Attention Grabbing

Making use of a branded flag or gazebo is a sure-fire way to grab attention. After all, they are unavoidable due to their size! Flags and gazebos stand out when you’re walking in a crowd. This makes flags and gazebos great options. They allow many customers to take notice of your brand from afar.


On top of being eye-catching, using branded flags or branded gazebos is also practical. For example, a branded gazebo doubles as a shady spot for both staff and customers to gather under.

Advertising at an outdoor event on a particularly warm day? If so, potential customers are that much more likely to hang around your stand. You can easily use flags to tuck equipment behind. You could even hide away less aesthetically pleasing areas of the advertising venue.

Budget Friendly

A branded flag or gazebo can be a very cost-effective advertising technique. This is especially true when compared to other methods of outdoor branding. You can set them up and taken down at will. This usually means that there will almost never be any kind of posting fee or the like involved.

Their portability also means that you can use the same branded gazebo or flag at several locations. This eliminates the need to produce and brand more than a few items repeatedly.

Customisable Design

Advertising with branded flags or branded gazebos offers flexibility in design. Because both can be custom printed, you can design them to reflect your company’s brand. Using a great

designer and printer will ensure that your branded gazebo or flag catches the eye in the right way.

Modern designs for a gazebo or branded flag are very clever. They are compact enough to set up in even the smallest advertising space. What’s more, you can fold them down even smaller for convenient storage and transportation! The materials used to make branded flags and branded gazebos are also lightweight and easy to move. This will make transporting them from one even to another a breeze!

At AMS, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer extensive branding solutions that our competitors cannot. We have an in-house printing facility that ensures fast and accurate printing. Any branded flag or branded gazebo you may need, we can provide at only the best quality.

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