AMS South Africa – Why some of the biggest brand companies choose us for their branding and why you should too!




AMS is an owner run business. Recent statistics estimate about 10 000 branding businesses are registered in South Africa alone. Established in 2001 we have stood the test of time in what is a fiercely competitive industry. As brand activation specialists we have done extensive work for some of the largest cellular providers in Africa (AirtelTigo). We are also vendor registered for the largest Hotel Group in South Africa.

Save yourself time and money before appointing your branded merchandising service provider; do a bit of research. Sadly there are many businesses in our industry that come and go, many if which don’t provide guarantees on their products and work. This often results in costly mistakes borne financially by you the buyer.

Entrust AMS with all of your branding requirements! Try us and experience our outstanding service and extremely competitive prices.