AMS South Africa – Supporting Young Athletes


Do something you love!  When you do what you love it won’t feel like work, follow your passion and you will be very good at it. You also won’t tire of it or become resentful in later years.  No job is completely perfect but, for the most part if you do what you love as a career you`ll find peace of mind, contentment and be happy. The more you enjoy your job, the harder you will work. These are statistical facts, proven over and over.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should follow your passion in your career path:

1. Your health will improve. 

2. Your relationships will improve.

3. You will have more energy.

4. Your confidence will improve.

5. You will enjoy life more.

6. You will want to continue learning and growing.

7. Your motivation will soar.

To this end young athletes the world over need a helping hand to follow their passion. AMS recently sponsored Devon Cronje for EFC 80 (Extreme Fighting Championship Africa) (MMA – Mixed Martial Arts). Devon won his fight and did us proud. Sports Kit, Cap and Signage were supplied by AMS.