AMS as a Branded Marketing Merchandising Solution for Launches, Campaigns and Events

We often get asked to collate a workable combination for the supply of marketing merchandise for a specific event, campaign, product launch, conference or Golf Day for example. With literally thousands of products and ideas to choose from AMS has almost 19 years of experience and can recommend what specific product mix will work for your enquiry.

The audience for a Golf Day for example would see strategically placed Banners on the course, Gazebos, A frame Banners and even a sky dancing Helium Balloon. To compliment this mix would be branded Golf Shirts, Bags, Caps, Balls, Tees and even branded high end Golf Bags. Similarly the marketing merchandising mix for a conference of accounting delegates would vastly differ from that of IT delegates.

Different types of printing onto different media can become confusing, let AMS take the hassle factor out of this for you! Focus on enjoying the event and promoting your brand.