3D Embroidery – New and Exciting Branding Techniques from AMS



The Importance of Branding

Branding creates trust, it also creates recognition. It improves the motivation of your employees and enhances customers trust in your products. Effective branding campaigns deliver a focal point to which customers can relate and remember your offering.

A brilliant example of branding would be the Nike brand. The Nike swoosh is now synonymous with the brand, no text even needed. That`s the bench mark to aim to for your brand!

For almost 20 years AMS has been the one-stop branding solution for many global brands. Proudly producing and supplying all types of branded merchandising.

3D Embroidery

In a fiercely competitive world with so many brands competing for marketing space you need that differentiating factor! One of the ways to do this is by presenting new and exciting ways of branding your merchandise. In addition to pad printing, laser engraving, digital printing, embroidery, screen printing, dye-sublimation, laser printing – we now offer 3D Embroidery!

By placing foam cut-out behind the embroidery and then machine sewing over it your embroidered brand has a 3D effect that can be easily seen from many angles.