Outdoor Kiosks AMS has manufactured, sold and distributed these practical brand enhancers for almost 20 years. Made from colour impregnated fibre glass to any Pantone colour, available in many different size options. Kiosks are the ideal, mobile vending unit that can be used to sell product, airtime and / or display product launches. With many [...]

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Slimline Powerbanks

Ever been on the road, lost and need a bit more power on your device to get you there via GPS? Powerbanks are a brilliant, practical gift that has many different uses. Re-charge devices like Head Lamps, Cell Phones, Lap Tops, Bluetooth Speakers, Hands Free Devices and Earphones to mention a few. Can be used [...]

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Full Colour Print Lens Cleaners from AMS – Authentic Marketing Solutions

It`s all in our name! Authentic and Solutions...Our constant, exciting challenge at AMS is to provide new, practical and innovative branding solutions. Lens cleaners for example are an excellent give away and can be used on devices, sunglasses. prescription glasses and readers. This item is proving to be a huge hit with hotel groups as [...]

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